UltraShield is your vehicle's FRONTLINE protection in the war against the elements.     
Forget that unsightly damage causing bra and bug shield. UltraShield's computer designed kits (for exact fit) are manufactured using 8 mil thick 3M™ Paint Protection Film.

This clear urethane film is 99.5% optically clear, energy absorbent and is warranted against manufacturing defects, including cracking or yellowing.

UltraShield helps protect surfaces against stone chips, bug acid, salt, sand and weathering.

Paint Protection Overview

  • UV stabilized
  • Virtually "Invisible"
  • Remains aerodynamically intact
  • Computer designed kits for exact fit
  • Over 4000+ application kits available
  • No appearance change to the vehicle
  • Specialty kits designed upon request

Headlamp Protection Overview

Designed to help protect headlamps and other exposed accessory lamps from breakage and pitting that is a common occurrence on all modes of transportation. Our make and model specific kits are manufactured with 8 or 14 mil urethane film and has a durable, highly polished surface, and is UV stabilized.
Note: Most headlamps are $400+ to replace a single unit.